Polka dots & Stripes

Polka dots and stripes are some of fashion’s most popular clothing patterns. Worn separately, they have a penchant for being attention grabbing so people tend to shy away from mixing patterns. When it comes to the rules of mixing patterns, quite frankly there are none. I am such an advocate for wearing what looks good and feels good to you. However, we all can use some help. Today’s look focuses on one of the easiest ways to mix your polka dots and stripes- Get them in one single piece of clothing! It takes out all of the guess work because you simply have to select a piece you love. For me, that was this dress.

I have also selected some amazing polka dot and striped combo pieces that you can invest in if you have a penchant for pattern play. Hope you like!


Striped and polka dotted dress Cranberry Tantrums wearing a pollka dot and striped dress black and white polka dot & stripes dress

Photography || Hannah Schweiss