Whimsical Polka Dots

What is it that about polka dots that some women are so in love with? That was a question I had no answer for, nor a sartorial choice I had an overwhelming disposition for until I met this beautiful polka dot dress. Certainly in a league of it’s own, this dress was not created for the “weak of heart”. I mean, if you don’t like attention, this dress is not for you. The pattern play on this dress begs for proclaims for amazement, lingering stares and profound declarations of love! Okay, maybe I am exaggerating; but for me, it was love at first sight. Kind of like the love lust I had when I saw Ryan Gosling for the first time in the Notebook or every time Ryan Reynolds says something funny! Nope, not lust, it’s love! But I digress. Ryan(s), I can’t have but this dress is all mine!

Whimsical was the word that came to mind when I tried this dress on! I layered this it with a sheer dotted top to provide contrast and well to cover the girls! Ladies, if you are not an A-cup, you are going to need it. The overall look reminded me of something out of Alice in Wonderland, pinafore dress and all.  I was shooting this look at the beautiful Chicago Sky deck, I focused on the whimsical look of the dress to create an “Alice in Chicagoland” story! Hope you love!

Cranberry Tantrums in exaggerated pola dot dress
Jennifer Ibe of Cranberry Tantrums at Chicago Skydeck How to wear polka dots, Cranberry Tantrums Chicago Skydeck Topshop Petit Spot Pinafore Dress

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