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How to wear a white off shoulder dress 

Look of the moment, a white midi dress (similar here). Red, move aside! I think I have found a new love in all white ensembles. From flirty swinging summer dresses to figure hugging midi numbers, there is something attention grabbing about an all white look. This particular dress was love at first sight, the sleeves are quite remarkable and add a bit of drama to this dress. Sorry to say that it is sold out, but I have linked a similar piece I think you might love.

To be honest, this is one of my favorite shoots to date. The first shot of me was captured at one of my silliest moments. I tripped and almost lost a shoe while strutting (ahem jay-walking) crossing the sidewalk while a small crowd watched. It was not cute, Ummm Awkward! Naturally, I laughed at myself unabashedly. I rarely smile in my photos these days but don’t be fooled, I love to laugh, even though I have the weirdest comical laugh. Like most people, in uncertain times, I seek out things and people that make me laugh because it makes me feel like everything will be okay. And things have been uncertain recently, however I know I don’t have a bad life,  just bad moments. I hope you realize that too.

I also love this shoot because of the gorgeous backdrop. Chicago is seriously my muse! I get inspired by all the gorgeous architecture around me. I am so in love with this city and I can tell you Cranberry Tantrums will not still be here today, if I hadn’t moved to Chicago three years ago. I look forward to using every nook and cranny of this city as by backdrop and inspiration.

Have a great week!


  Photography || Jules Kennedy