Sneaker Babe


Once upon a time, I wore heels everywhere. You name it,  I wore heels to parties, dancing, shopping, events, movies, to run errands, to get my car serviced, literally everywhere. I was that annoying friend that would visit New York and wear heels while sightseeing, slowing down the group and then end up being miserable from the pure agony of wearing heels for twelve plus hours straight. I would tolerate the pain, all in an attempt to be be “sex and the city” stylish. Grocery shopping was an excuse to wear my heels during the day time. What can I say, I lived in Michigan at the time, there was no day time fun!  I have to give myself credit though, I was a trooper! I would dance non-stop in 6 inch heels for hours, never trip in them nor take them off like some girls would after they had one too many drinks. Thanks to my aversion to the idea of getting drunk and to my germaphobic tendencies.

I am so much more comfortable with my body and sense of self that I no longer need a pair of heels to make me achieve that sexy feeling. I’ll be honest, a pair of gorgeous heels can elevate a look and add a hint of sexiness. However, there are times when it is just not necessary but practicality should be priority. Took me 20+ years to embrace that. A pair of amazing flats or sneakers can be just as stylish and add an unexpected twist to a chic look. More so, your feet and knees will thank you.

This chic look shows you how to style and elevate an outfit with interesting sneakers. Although, I am sporting a pair of sneakers, this look is anything but causal but one of sophistication.

I am a little late in embracing this trend, partly because I hadn’t found any pair that would make me a fan. That was until I found this pair. Now, I am slowly expanding my collection of flats, kicks and stylish sneakers like this utterly adorable pair from Zara. It was love at first sight and I could not walk away from it, so I walked away in them (after paying of course). They get bonus points for being so comfortable, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I get when I wear them. My patients at work absolutely love them.

Thoughts? Have you embraced the sporty chic footwear trend yet?