All Business in Smoky Plum

And one month later, I am finally writing a blog post. The unplanned hiatus has been due to a combination of part lack of motivation, part laziness and honest to God sheer exhaustion from what is my day time as a Registered Nurse. So here I am, finally writing this post and with a new blog design too. Hope you love!

While I sit here gazing at this gorgeous smoky plum work ready look from White House Black Market, I can’t help but think about the countless hours I put into my job. Literally pouring my heart into it every single day. Looking the part, dressing the part, constantly learning everyday and finding ways to improve my skills, while trying to overcome the many challenges that accompany the job. I do it all to help people that desperately need it at their most vulnerable moment.

I’m sure you can relate, the idea of giving your job your all? However, this can sometimes drain the energy out of you, consuming your time and forcing you to abandon favorite hobbies or passions. The very things that light a fire within us, gives us joy and makes us feel like we have a life. I am learning to take a step back from time to time, to take time for myself, for my passions and for the ones I love. Most importantly, that is ┬áis okay to put myself first sometimes.

I hope you do too!

Happy August!

Photography || Jules Kennedy