How to Look Stylish in a Green Power Suit.

How to wear a green power suit

“So, how do you style a green power suit”? Said no one ever! When I think of a green suit, the first thing that comes to mind is a leprechaun. Okay kidding, but you have to admit it’s such an unexpected color especially for a suit. A black suit is typically or even a pink suit is daring. However, like most things it is not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it. So how do you get rock a green suit like a style icon? Attitude, confidence and swag. There you have it, it’s not rocket science and it most certainly not a secret. You can rock anything with confidence! Just be yourself, show your personality and have some fun with it.

However here’s a style tip, my favorite way to wear a suit is with sneakers, for a clean, edgy vibe. Not to mention, it is also extremely comfortable. It’s so funny how my affinity for wearing heels has definitely changed over the past decade or so. I gravitate towards sneakers and stylish comfier shoes these days. What are your thoughts.

Green power suit with sneakers

I have linked this look below and some similar options. So, would you wear a green suit?

How to rock any outfit like a pro : Power suit and sneakers
chic vibes in a power suit and sneakers
Mint Green power suit

Fan of the sneakers and power suit combo? Here are some cool sneakers are am currently loving!

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