Winter Whites

This is definitely my favorite look this Winter. I fell in love with wearing white and still keep finding ways to implement it into my Winter wardrobe. In total honesty, wearing white makes me a little nervous because of its affinity for getting stained very easily. God forbid, you accidentally touch your face and then your white outfit or someone should hug you and leave a stain on your shoulder. However, I have learned to not worry about it so much because people are a little more careful around you when you wear white.

While the weather maybe getting a little warmer, we are not entirely in Spring quite yet. However, if you haven’t been wearing whites all Winter long, it is a great transitional color. From jumpsuits to blazers and the cutest dresses, there is a vast array of options. My favorite way to wear white is in monochrome. Decked head to toe in a white or off white hues screams super sophisticated chic vibes.

White and pink shaggy faux fur coat
white jumpsuit, transitional style

Clad in a tailored white backless jumpsuit from Asos and paired with this gorgeous faux fur coat, I felt very sexy and sophisticated. Ensembles that are sexy yet classy are my faves.

Jennifer Ibe wearing a white jumpsuit and faux fur coat
How to style a perfect Winter White look
Edgy Fashion. Faux fur coat, fedora and ehite jumpsuit
Transitional style: White jumpsuit
Jennifer Ibe, Cranberry Tantrums, Chicago Fashion Blogger
Chic winter white look
Asos White Halter Jumpsuit and Faux coat

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