How to master an Edgy look

I’ll be honest, when it comes to fashion, the one thing that keeps me going through the Winter months is the opportunity to create edgy looks. Edgy fashion that catches the eye and could potentially belong in a high fashion editorial magazine, yet still wearable for the fashion forward girl. I would admit, not everyone would feel entirely comfortable wearing all the different pieces at the same time but ultimately all the pieces are wearable even when styled differently.

Here are some of my hacks for creating an edgy look.

Invest in a hat : Hats elevate a look and makes an ensemble appear more stylish. I am particularly fond of hard brimmed fedoras because of their affinity to instantly glamorize a look. A ensemble immediately looks more edgy, classy and somewhat mysterious.

statement hat for an edgy look confidence is important for an edgy look

Statement boots : Standout style calls for some stand out boots. I like to invest in a statement pair every year. A pair that turns heads, yet versatile enough to pair well with almost any outfit. I am not talking about your neutrals, that is, black or nude OTKS.  Those are great, but I am referring to a pair that has something very unique about them to lend an entire outfit an edgy look. For this look, the striking color of my boots sets it apart from others.

Pattern Play : This is not for the week of heart. Mixing patterns or wearing head to toe prints is bold and eye catching. When done right, it lends an ultra high fashion vibe to a look. 

Accessorize : Sometimes more is more. A statement bag, a wide belt or a scarf can take an outfit to the next level.

Attitude : Best of all, no outfit can look edgy without a little attitude and confidence. Mastering an edgy look takes time and lots of trial and error. But have fun with it.

red fedora, red plaid dress and red boots Cranberry Tantrums in Plaid and Tartan how to master an edgy look Jennifer Ibe; Mixing patterns for an edgy look Edgy Style Inspiration: All red outfit easy hacks to master an edgy look


Photography || Hannah Schweiss