The Power of Red

Red and Black Outfit

It is no secret that I adore the color, red. I am almost always wearing red lipstick and I feel most beautiful and confident in red.

Red : Daring, assertive, confident, intense, seductive, passion, exciting.

These are some of the terms associated with red and for some people, these ring very true. In a lot of ways, it describes many aspects of my personality and I can tap into these attributes when I am wearing red. That’s one of the best things about fashion; it’s ability to enhance and transform a person, not just in appearance but also in the way we feel about ourselves. This is not to be confused with a misplaced tendency for people to place one’s esteem on the value of a fashion item or society’s tendency to value designer items over high street fashion pieces. I am referring to using certain elements of fashion and personal style to enhance those aspects of ourselves depending on the occasion or purpose, regardless of labels and value of the pieces.

Personally, I like to dress for myself, bearing in mind where I am going. My personal style for work is a little more subdued and less distracting than if I were attending a soiree or social event. And red, is always part of my arsenal. I call it my “not so secret weapon”.  This is obviously different for everyone, some gravitate towards black, sequins, leather, bright colors etc. It is also very interesting as it tells a lot about a person’s personality.

What is your fashion secret weapon?