Glam in Asos:: Baroque Embroidered Maxi Dress

Every woman deserves that it-dress that makes her feel feminine, sexy, powerful…and beautiful.

For me, it would be this dress. I love how fashion has the ability to utterly convey a measure of self expression. It has the ability to transform a person and make them feel more confident, or more powerful. It can be a “cloak of armor” of sorts, that allows a person to express only exactly what they choose to at a certain time. That is why fashion is more than a superficial indulgence, it can be a beautiful and significant style of individualism. However, I believe more important than anything, is the inner self confidence that emanates from a person. That in itself is the ultimate gift that every woman deserves. Confidence makes almost any outfit work.

My “cloak of armor” is a beautiful ornately designed baroque dress with a sheer overlay that adds an exquisite sensual and glamorous air to the outfit. I love baroque designs because they add drama and intensity to a piece. I especially love the detailing on this piece, because it adds just the right amount of drama to the silhouette without being overdone. Minimum jewelry, a detailed black and gold clutch (which I got for a steal) and a pair of lace up sandals beautifully compliment the look.

    Photography|| Melissa Ferrara
The Look
Heels || Zara (old) :: similar
Clutch|| H&M (old) :: Exact style at Target
Bracelet|| JCPenney
Ring|| Forever 21 (old)
Thanks so much for reading!
Love, Jenn