Poised in White

A symbolic all white ensemble for Nurses Week!

I don’t mention this often, but I am a Registered Nurse. When I tell people this fact they are usually surprised and wonder how I do it. Common comments nurses get when they disclose their profession are “I could never be a nurse”, “how do you do it?” and “Do you like being a nurse?”. We understand!
Being a nurse can be the most rewarding and gratifying experience, but it can be the most overwhelming, and a physically and emotionally draining job. The fact is, Nurses help save lives everyday, but tend to be very unappreciated at times. Regardless, the profession has given me a perspective on life that other people tend to forget everyday!

  “There is always a reason to be thankful” 

“Live, don’t just exist”

“Be kind, because everyone is fighting a battle”

There is lot I would like to share about being a nurse but simply not enough time. Take time to appreciate a nurse today. They do a lot both at the bedside and behind the scenes. Like you, they have lives, real problems, real fears; but they set that aside everyday to help their patients. We are not perfect, but we try our very best! Most importantly, we always care!
To all nurses and nursing professionals out there, thank you! Happy Nurses Week!

Photography|| Melissa Ferrara
The Look

Dress || Asos
Blazer|| Forever 21|| Similar
Heels|| Zara
Clutch|| Similar
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