Best Floor Mirrors for your home

One of the best things about having mirrors in your home is that they are both functional and decorative. Strategic placements of mirrors around a room can open up a space and make the room look bigger and brighter. Finding that perfect piece that meshes well with the overall aesthetic of your home is utterly gratifying. The trends in 2021 shows a huge disposition towards everything from antique inspired pieces to minimal silhouettes. This is perfect because you can find a piece that perfectly complements your personal taste and overall aesthetic of your home. I have a preference for floor mirrors that are simple, stylish and sleek. Others may prefer a more ornate and dramatic mirrors.

I have scoured the web this past year for all the best pieces of furniture and home decor due to my home decor projects, so trust me when I say, “look no further”. These are the best floor mirrors you can add to your home right now.

McGee & Co Gala Mirror

Modern and Minimal

This beautiful arched mirror from McGee & Co currently graces my living room space. It is sleek and modern yet minimal enough to work in almost any space regardless of the decorating style. It makes a statement without overpowering; instead compliments or even highlights the other decorative pieces in your space. Trust me when I say this is the most loved piece in my entire living room. This mirror is made with shatterproof and moisture proof glass. You’ll also be pleased to know it comes in black and ornate brass.

If the McGee Mirror is out of budget, here’s another similar and more affordable option in the same silhouette.

Ornate Antique

You guessed, the gleaming primrose mirror has been a cult favorite over the past year and graces the homes of some of your favorite influencers. Sporting some vintage vibes and the most grandiose appearance, it’s perfect for any home.

Modern Rustic

Charming with it’s wooden features and decorative mini-ladders for candles. This mirror pack a bunch with it’s functionality.

Glam Vibes

This one’s for you if you like a wow factor in your space. The gold accents of this mirror draws attention to this mirror. If you like the dramatic glam aesthetic or you want a statement piece, this is another great option.

Art in a Mirror

This piece speaks for itself. The intricate etchings in the mirror adds a layer of texture that is visually appealing. It’s basically a painting in a mirror and is reminiscent of a mystical garden.

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