How to make your outfits look expensive on a budget

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Ready or not, Fall is on the horizon. If you are dressing up for zoom meetings everyday like I am or still going to work, you might be thinking about updating your Fall wardrobe with comfier options. I am always on the hunt for amazing pieces at very affordable prices; but items that also look very luxe. Today, I am sharing some of my best tips on how to make your outfit look more expensive while on a budget, in partnership with Walmart.

Style tips on how to look luxe on a budget
Workwear on a budget
How to look expensive on a budget

Wear Neutrals

Neutrals, especially all black or all white tend to look very sleek and elevated when styled. Cheaper and expensive fabric wear better in neutral shades. In general, black is a color I tend to gravitate towards in the Fall and Winter months. However, can obviously be worn all year round. I absolutely love this puff sleeve rib midi dress. The slit, adds a bit of sauciness to the look and puff sleeves give a nod to 70’s fashion. Wearing black is definitely one of my fave ways to make my outfit look expensive while on a budget.

How to look luxe on a small budget

Wear a structured Bag

Sometimes, a bag can make or break a look. When working on a budget, bags in structured silhouettes tend to elevate the look. This petite bag from Walmart, is absolutely chic. Keep your bags, especially your leather bags as clean and spotless as possible.

Cranberry Tantrums: Affordable outfits to shop for now

Match your shoes and bag

Keeping your accessories to the same color palette can make an outfit appear more polished. I paired a snake print bag with some matching sandals from Walmart, which I also love and own in several colors.

Stick with solids

Patterns can be beautiful but can also look very busy when it isn’t styled well. If you haven’t quite mastered the act of mixing patterns, stick with solids that are are versatile and transition from season to season. One exception is animal prints, which are so trendy right now. Some would argue that they can act as statement pieces, as well as neutrals. Personally, I think you can get away with mixing a leopard or snake print separate with a solid piece and still look chic. When in doubt, stick with accesories like I did in this post.

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Cranberry Tantrums ; How to make your affordable outfits look expensive

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