Cozy but Chic Work from home Outfits

Can we talk about cozy yet chic work from home (WFH) outfits? In the time of social distancing, life has taken on a new normal. Working from home has made cozy but chic outfits a staple for most closets including mine. Outfits that are presentable enough to wear during a zoom meeting yet comfortable enough to wear while on the couch, crunching away at the laptop.

I have zoom calls with my work team almost everyday, so I often have to dress up and look semi-professional. Selecting comfortable pieces are absolute necessary for me to feel comfortable in my space, while I navigate working form home. Thanks to Walmart, I have styled some chic outfits that are very stylish, especially as we transition into spring and summer months.

So what’s a perfect cozy yet chic work from home outfits? Personally, I don’t think it’s necessarily lounge wear such as sweat pants. I think it’s about the comfort of the fabric, wearability and ease of movement it has. The jumpsuit and the polka-dot two piece set from Walmart at perfect examples of options you can wear whilst working from home, yet staying comfortable. Their affordability is merely the icing on top.

Now, lets talk about the Sandals! Usually i’ll be in socks or barefoot while at home but I have been on the look out for some minimal white sandals. I couldn’t pass them up, especially at only $18. Be sure to check out Walmart’s collection of light and airy dresses. I have my eyes on a few of them.

What are your Cozy yet chic WFH outfits that you are currently wearing?

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Cozy yet chic work from home outfits

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