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These days, some of us are simply taking joy where we can find it, whether it’s through the mundane like watching tv, baking, talking socially distanced walks or luxuries like online shopping for fashion pieces. Personally, I have dabbled in all of the above, especially some bag therapy. If you are shopping online and bags are your weakness, here is an affordable luxury bag brand you should know right now- Brahmin

For about a year now, I have been a huge fan of Brahmin and I am lucky to have a growing collection from the brand. If you follow me closely, you may have already seen some style posts with pieces from the brand. The best thing about Brahmin, is that they have an amazing collection of luxury bags with an affordable price tag, compared to other luxury bags. Their wide range of interesting silhouettes, colors and textures would leave you feeling like a kid in a candy store. Here are the top three pieces for Spring that I am currently loving.


Luxe Mini Franchine Melbourne.

This is my favorite piece in the Spring collection especially because it comes in the most gorgeous white. This retails at $365, so I wasn’t kidding when I said Brahmin is an affordable luxury bag brand you should know right now.

Brahmin Mini Francine Wynette

Mini Francine

Score some major style points with this structured piece that is also perfect for everyday use. I’m wearing the Mini Francine Marmalade Wynette which sports the perfect pop of color. The contrasting patterns also add texture and makes it interesting to look at.

Jenn Ibe, Cranberry Tantrums, Affordable Luxury bag brand


This is the perfect accompaniment for your spring wardrobe. Functional, colorful and playful. Did I mention it comes in several shades.

Cranberry Tantrums: Affordable luxury bag brand- Amelia Whimsy $355
Cranberry Tantrums wearing Brahmin Amelia Whimsy bag

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Thanks to Brahmin for partnering on this post. All opinions are 100% mine.