A Single’s guide to surviving social distancing.

A Single's guide to surviving social distancing or quarantining in the time of COVID-19

I cannot believe I am even writing this post, but here we are, talking about a single’s person guide to surviving social distancing or self quarantining. COVID-19 has been on the mouths and heavy on the hearts of people all over the world. With it’s spread into the United States, individually or as a community as a whole, we might have to face the possibility of a quarantine.

The point of a quarantine or social distancing during this time is essentially to keep yourself safe while protecting others, especially the vulnerable from potentially getting sick. The Vulnerable are the elderly, immunocompromised and people with other underlying health conditions that makes them more prone to illness. The goal is to prevent the spread of the virus and decrease the potential burden on the healthcare system. This is also the general idea of “flattening the curve of a pandemic”.

A quarantine is socially isolating and being copped up in the confines of one’s home can lead to feelings of loneliness. As a single man or woman living alone, this can be especially heightened during this. It is interesting that last Winter when we had the arctic tundra, I wrote a post on things you could do when you cannot go outside. So, without further ado, here are some ideas of things you can do to stay productive and survive social distancing during the COVID-19.

A Single’s guide to surviving social distancing

Prep & Stock up

Don’t Panic, don’t hoard! If you are not planing on leaving your home for a few days or weeks, it’s probably a good idea to stock on a few weeks’ worth of essentials. Food, non-perishables and medicine if you need them.

Tackle a home project.

We all have that home project we’ve been putting off. Re-organize your closet, decorate a home office, hangup those paintings, mount that TV. With all the time you might be spending at home, now’s a good time to start.

Work on that application.

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to improve yourself. You might have been contemplating on that job application or college/ graduate program application. Here is a chance to work on that, stay optimistic, there is going to be life after COVID-19. You might as well get a head start.

Prep for taxes.

Something tells me the government isn’t going to be giving everyone a tax break, so might as well get that off your list. Hmmm or maybe, we should lobby for a tax break?

Netflix and Stay In

There a ton of streaming services like Netflix, Apple tv, Hulu etc and an endless amount of shows and movies to catch up on. If there is something you’ve been looking forward to watching, I hope you stocked up on some popcorn.

Netflix and stay in- A Single's guide to surviving social distancing.

Read a book

Or write a book, a blog post, an email to a friend. The silver lining about social distancing in 2020 is that we have technology and apps like audible and audiobooks, so now is a great thing to sign up and start reading those books you’ve been meaning to.

Online Dating

Imagine finding love in the time of Cholera Corona Virus, or maybe you might get your own reality show on Netflix. Keep in mind that you have all that time now, I am not an expert in this department, but check out CNET’s list of the best dating apps out here in 2020.

Facetime Party

My sister lives in London and there are times, where we would facetime to chat, watch a show or even dance together. So get your best girls to have a girls night, together but apart. Please feel free to turn up as you see fit and dance like no one’s watching, because no one is. Silver lining, you don’t have to worry about a designated driver, because you are already home

Self Care

This will be a stressful time so it’s important to be aware of periods when we may feel stressed, emotional or depressed. Practice self care, do a home manicure, mini facial, meditate, whatever helps you reduce stress – if you know what I mean.

self care -A Single's guide to surviving social distancing.


This gets it’s own section because it is so important and cannot be overemphasized. Being sedentary comes with it’s own risks and its so important to stay as active as safely as possible within the confines of your own space. Take laps around your spaces; do floor exercises; private dance session; use your home gym, you lucky devil. There are also numerous apps that you can use for floor exercises requiring no gym equipment.

Reconnect with your loved ones

These are strange times with many unknowns, which can be a very isolating but use the technology at your disposal . Lean on your loved ones from a distance, call your friends, especially your “strong friends”. Use facetime to stay connected. Check in on single friends especially those that live alone or that are sick. Rekindle old friendships, forgive, love and be kind to one another.

Stay Safe!