The Perfect red dress to add to your closet for the holidays.

I have a thing for everything red, so I am always on the look out for the perfect red dress. Naturally, around the holidays, red is a general favorite because it is so festive and fun. Because of the festivities, one of the most searched outfits around this time is “red dress”, so look no further. With the holidays on the horizon, here are the best red gown on the web to get you ready for your next holiday soiree.

Dress | Asos

I shot this perfect red dress a few months ago and I loved how beautifully the photos turned out, I decided they needed their own blog post. I love that this dress is timeless and versatile enough to wear year round. Perfect for weddings, winter galas and holiday soirees, it is a perfect piece to add to your closet for your next event. I also received so many compliments on this dress, it became a fast favorite.

Cranberry Tantrums wearing a red dress
Red holiday dresses
jennifer ibe, how to score the perfect red dress for the holidays
Cranberry Tantrums | Red dress
the perfect red dress