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I am so thrilled to finally reveal my recently completed bedroom redecoration. When I moved into my apartment 3 years ago, I only thought I would be there for 11 months so I never fully invested in making it feel like a home. I wanted to hold out until I purchased my dream condo! Fast forward 3 years later, I’m still here because I fell in love with my spacious rooms, my natural light and gorgeous view. I also know I can’t keep holding out for my “dream home” before I finally invest in my space and make it feel like a home.

To be honest, I have come to the realization that waiting for that perfect “time” to make something feel special is a waste of time. Instead, you use what you have now and make very moment and what you have feel special.
So, when I asked Ashely Homestore to partner with me, I was so thrilled that they took me up on my offer. So with no further ado, here is bedroom redecoration reveal and the must have items I think every grown up bedroom should have.

Must haves for the perfect grownup bedroom redecoration

Bedroom Furniture set

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When I started thinking about redecorating my bedroom, I knew it had to reflect who I am. I am in my thirties now, so I figured real grown up furniture is absolutely necessary. Since my old headboard never survived the move from Michigan to Chicago 5 years old, I’m way past due for an upgrade.

Like my personal style, I love elegant pieces with a little bit of an edge to make it stand out. That’s why when I saw this bed set, I knew I HAD to have it. I have pretty high ceilings in my apt, so I knew I definitely wanted a high headboard. The grey is a nice neutral shade but the accent faux crystal on the head board adds some glam effect to the overall look.The matching dresser was simply delightful, a beautiful pieces with silver finishing and I am just grateful for the extra storage space.

I also love juxtapositions! Light but moody; gold mixed with silver, dark mixed with light, modern yet traditional classic that emphasizes elegance. I guess some would call my room style as transitional; a mix of modern elements with more traditional classic styles. Transitional decor can be tricky but it’s all about finding balance throughout the room.

I focused on three color palettes: grey as the base, gold to highlight and add a luxe feel; and black for balance. I am not an interior decorator by any means so I went with what FELT good. I wanted my room to feel cozy yet functional, luxurious but not ostentatious. Most importantly a welcome haven to get retire to each night.

Full Length Mirror

This is my favorite corner of the entire room. The standing mirror from Ashley Homestore is more decorative than practical but I just couldn’t resist. Considering I don’t really mind having an interrupted reflection in the mirror, I decided to get it. Most importantly, I love that all the key colors are in harmony in this corner.

Brighten up your room with accent chairs and gold mirror. Eamon Floor Mirror


One of my favorite things about my room are my lamps. I thought I was going to get regular white shades but this set from Ashley Homestore was love at first sight. I knew I had to have them immediately! It was perfect because it also tied in well with the overall theme I already had in mind.


I have also had a hesitancy to hang paintings or art work in my space, partly from laziness and because it meant “commitment” and I wanted everything to be perfect. Don’t worry about the latter, I’ll see my therapist about that. However, this just makes a room to look sterile and bare. Art work can really transform a room, to highlight certain elements in the room or to provide contrast.

Note how the paintings match my comforter? I perfectly compliments the black lamp shades, the metallic tones in the room and even the walls. It’s almost matchy matchy but I can easily mix this up, by changing comforters and sheets.


Everyone should invest in comfortable sheets because we spend so much time on them. Preferences could differ from one person to another depending on body temperature and skin sensitivity. I love that sheets and comforter sets can also act as part of the decor in the room, so have fun with them.

I like these sets from Ashley Homestore.


Accent furniture and decorative pieces are perfect for introducing texture and personality into the room. Think decorative pillows, textiles, vases, trays and accent chairs or tables. I personally love gold elements in a room, and knew I absolutely wanted to incorporate that for a luxe feel. I love the grey and gold chair because it tied in perfectly with the color scheme of the room, while having the gold accents. Traces of gold are also seen all of the room, a la, the vases, the mirrors and pillows.

Home Accents Mirror, CRanberry Tantrums, Jenn Ibe, Accents for your bedroom

The accent chair in this post is sold out, but I linked similar items below.

Almost all the pieces in this room are from Ashley Homestore and are linked below. Thank you so much for stopping by and doing this room tour with me. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email if you have any more questions.

This post was made possible by Ashley Homestore. All opinions are 100% mine.