What to pack for a trip to Santorini, Greece

What to wear in Santorini. Blue and white striped dress. Jenn Ibe.  Cranberry Tantrums

I recently spent ten amazing in Greece, where I spent time going to historic locations and strolling down the white marbled streets of Santorini and Mykonos; and taking in the beautiful archeological sites in Athens. To say it was a dream come true is surely an understatement.

Everything in Santorini looks absolutely amazing, you can’t fight the urge to take photos to document your time spent in this amazing place. One of the very popular questions I got was what to pack and to what to wear. I’ve got you covered, all the way from dresses to sunscreen. I went at the end of August, so the weather was still very hot, which called some some strategic packing of summer clothes.

Blue Maxi Dress

Santorini is well know for it’s beautiful white washed buildings and gorgeous blue domes sprinkled across the villages. For photos, I love the idea of matching the surroundings a maxi blue and white dress. It really does make for the most beautiful photos. Take a light and breezy piece, taking the weather into account if you intend to wear it for the day, because it can get really hot. Otherwise, you can wear it for photos and change into whatever you like later. However, I did love walking around Santorini in my blue maxi.

A Pop of Color

I packed along a red two piece for a fancy dinner and of course, for some pictures. I particularly like two pieces because you can create multiple looks with each piece. However, the goal is to have a pop of color, so a dress, pants, jumpsuits works well.

Outfits ideas for Greece
Hats to pack for Santorini


It was really hot in Santorini and Mykonos and since I spent most of the day out in the sun, exploring or checking out the beaches, hats was very important for me. I tend to get migraines when I overheat, so I was very cautious about staying cool, under the shade of a hat or by taking breaks in a restaurant or bar. However, if you happen to forget yours at home, don’t fret, there are hats everywhere and I snagged one in Mykonos for 20 euros after some haggling.


Shoes :: The most popular question I received in regards to my trip was “what kind of shoes should I pack”. I packed one pair of white sneakers, a pair of flat sandals and a pair of 2 inch leopard sandals. I found I wore my white sneakers most of the time, while on beach days I wore my flat pearl embellished sandal. I highly recommend packing a pair of very comfortable white sneakers especially if you plan to walk up/down the hundreds of steps in Santorini to go down to the port of Fira or Oai. I loved my ECCO shoes linked below

Santorini Travel Guide : Best shoes to pack for Santorini

Bags :

Loving these bag options too pair with your outfits. Straw bags are ever so perfect for vacations


Athens is extremely hot in the summer. It is so important to take care of your skin especially since you would be spending a lot of type outdoors or at the beach, so stock up on sunscreen!

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