Birthday Musings : A letter to my younger self

a letter to my younger self

I cannot believe another year has come and gone. 30 was a great year, It was a year of self exploration and discovery. I opened myself to more opportunities, friendships and some career changes. In summary, I feel grateful for where I am in my life even though there are times, I wished I could be doing better or have achieved more. However, I am confident that I am finally in a place where I finally have full control of my life.

I sometimes wish I could go back and tell my younger self some pieces of advice, but then I wonder, if I had done anything differently would I be in this place, in this space and have achieved what I have? Would have I achieved more or would everything just be the same? Nevertheless, I feel these tips would have been very helpful for my 21 year old self:

  1. Fear less, worry less, let go and let God
  2. Live a little. Enjoy the moment, lighten up, it’s okay to open yourself to new experiences
  3. Take a chance on love,
  4. Be Brave
  5. Let people in. Sometimes that comes with pain and the risk of getting hurt; but there is love, kindness, joy, and long lasting friendships that could make life so much more memorable
  6. Perfection is not attainable, do the best you can, how you can.
  7. Stop Procrastinating. Stop putting off major decisions, meet them head on and take control of the decision you make, otherwise, you will just let life happen to you.
  8. God is always on your side.
  9. Stop waiting for the perfect moment to do something, make every moment special.
  10. Baby, you will be okay.
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