The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Summer Picnics

Creating the perfect Picnic in the Park
Chicago picnic in the park, Jennifer Ibe, Cranberry Tantrums

Nothing says Summer like a cute picnic in the park. I am so lucky to live in Chicago with it’s gorgeous lush parks and insanely beautiful views. So each Summer, I try to take advantage of the many ways I can enjoy the Park. Here in Chicago, fun activities in the Park could range from movie dates at the Park, fun casual picnics to fancy garden parties and even Weddings. I also think a picnic in the park is such an amazing date idea. It lets you get to know someone in a casual setting while enjoying the summer sun or warm summer nights.

I am so excited to be partnering with Gordmans to show you how to get ready for your outdoor park activities, basically what to wear and how to create the most picturesque picnic without a lot of fuss. As some of you know, I like Gordmans because of its super affordable fashion and home finds. In the past, I have found the best deals for the holiday or even summer soirees. Today, I am even more thrilled to show you how you can score some deals for your outdoor summer plans.

How to plnic the perfect picnic date in the park

What to wear…

For Summer picnic dates or a garden party, I love airy colorful dresses that compliment my skin tone. For those “I’m not sure what the dress code is situations”, I have found you the perfect look. Personally, when in doubt I prefer to dress up, rather than to dress down while keeping jewelry to a minimum. This strapless dress from Gordmans was only $15 (and a retail value of almost $500). That is a steal! For a park, I will opt for wedges or more comfortable shoes instead of the stilettos I am wearing. Gordmans, also has a wonderful selection of sunglasses and summer bags that would compliment any look.

Lurie Garden Chicago, Jennifer Ibe, What to wear to a picnic or garden party

For Planning a picturesque picnic, Gordmans has got you covered…

The perfect picnic date; Cranberry Tantrums, jennifer Ibe
Props for planning a perfect picnic in the Park; Gordmans; Cranberry Tantrums

During my visit to Gordmans, I encountered the cutest wall of garden accents that caught my attention and I knew I had to incorporate them into a picnic. This mini bicycle is the perfect accent for any front lawn, garden or patio. It is also perfect to use for a picnic, both as a prop and functional as a bottle holder.

Pretty flower accents to set the mood…

Gordmans has the most beautiful array of silk flowers that would make the best decor through out the year and also perfect for setting up a picnic. I absolutely love orchids and the purple orchids were perfect for setting up for cute little picnic.

Props for a picnic in the park; Chicago; Gordmans

Your Summer picnic date checklist

For setting up a picnic, don’t forget your checklist: A picnic basket, silverware, wineglass, napkins, blanket, sunscreen, hat, which you can also get from Gordmans.

The floral multi-purpose storage box pictured (retails at $7.99 at Gordmans) was also perfect for holding extra snacks and drinks. I have a few of these which I use both at home and for situations like this. Being one for aesthetics and color palettes, I opted for the box instead of a conventional picnic basket which you can also find at Gordmans.

Food Pairings

Keep it simple. My favorite things to bring to a picnic are fruits, a cheese plate with crackers, toast, jam, hummus, salmon, baby carrots, radishes and even a cold sandwich. Don’t forget the wine, water, juice or beer if your prefer. And Viola, your perfect picnic date is ready!

Picnic in the Park
Cranberry Tantrums, Lurie Park; Chicago

I am really excited about all the cute finds at Gordmans. It only took a few items and very little planning to create a picture perfect picnic. Be sure to check out Gordmans to find a store near you. Happy bargain hunting!

Cranberry Tantrums shows you how to plan the perfect picnic date in the Park. Jennifer Ibe
Jennifer Ibe; Picnic in the Park, how to

Thanks to Gordmans for partnering on this post!


Photography || Hannah Schweiss