We all have our personalities and let’s be honest it changes from time to time, depending on mood, situation, place and time of day. So does our personal sense of style.

Personally, I’m moody but sweet; intense yet carefree; indecisive about the smallest things yet super opinionated and strong-willed about the things that matter the most to me. That’s the beauty of it, you are allowed to be you (as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else). The same applies to fashion, we get to show our personalities in the way we dress.

Partnering with Walmart and styling these looks reminded me of how much my personal style ebbs and flows with my mood or season. My summer style can be edgy or super sophisticated, but it can also be very sweet and feminine. I tend to let my feminine side show in summer months and I love every single part of it. However, there is always the vibe of “edgy class” which I channel with every look. Perusing through Walmart online, I was pretty pleased with the many style options I saw. Naturally, I was even more pleased with how affordable all the items were.

Summer Straw bag
Patterned dresses you should be wearing this summer

My summer style is full of patterns and vibrant hues especially shades of orange and red which I love. Straw bags are so on-trend and makes the perfect compliment for any summer look.

What to wear this summer
Cranberry Tantrums summer style

Summer whites are chic and effortless

I love a crisp and polished all white look all year round, but summer is definitely the time to rock your classic whites. So get ready to fall in love with swoon worthy white separates from Walmart. I love this al white coordinate with the red and blue stripes on the side of the pants. The denim jacket also has similar stripes on the back. With July 4th weekend on the horizon, I can’t think of anything better to wear for the festivities especially with the somewhat chilly summer we’ve been having. There is also a skirt version of these pants at Walmart which are fantastic for hotter climates.

All white look for July 4th weekend

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Thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post! All Opinions are 100% mine.


Photography || Hannah Schweiss