Pink October with Stage #IPINKICAN

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, while we are mid-way through the month there are still ways for you to be involved if you haven’t already or if you wish to continue to do so. Some you may already know that I am an Oncology Nurse, so I am deeply passionate about investing in ways to fight cancer of any kind. For many years, I have worked directly with oncology patients and on cancer clinical research (not specifically breast cancer) and this have been the hardest yet most fulfilling role of my life. Oncology patients are the most resilient people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with and the reason I did it every morning.

Most of us know someone directly or indirectly that may have struggled with breast cancer or people that have had a cancer scare. Somehow we are all affected, but the experiences and struggles of someone fighting breast cancer is unimaginable. Yet, they are beautiful fighters and survivors and the importance of  this cause cannot be overemphasized. Whilst the search for a cure continues, what can we do to help the cause? Today, I am partnering with Stage to show you one way you can be involved this month, to raise awareness for this horrible disease.

In recognition of breast cancer awareness, Stage is making this month Pink October with a theme of #IPINKICAN, encouraging people to share their moments of strength. Also creating ample amounts for opportunities for us to shop for things we already need or buy while a portion of those proceeds goes  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Anytime you purchase a “pink” item at a Stage store, 50% perfect of the proceeds go to BCRF.

I encourage you to share your very own #IPINKICAN moment on social media and  when you do, Stage will donate $1.00 to support Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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The concept of breast cancer awareness month is often misunderstood. Some think the goal is only to create awareness and merely talk about breast cancer Many are passionate about specific areas of the cause, like cancer research or finding a cure, so often times “awareness” doesn’t seem like an aggressive stance. The goal of making October breast cancer awareness is to raise funds for foundations and charities in creating awareness for the disease, as well as conducting research for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and hopefully cure for breast cancer- all across the continuum. Every part of this continuum is highly important. BCRF’s goal in to achieve prevention and achieve a cure for breast, funding over highly experienced cancer researchers in the world. So be assured your donations will be funding the best.

Pink October with Stage #ipinkican

All pink outfit Pink outfit for breast cancer awareness

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