Staying active while you travel

For most of us, the very idea of having a regular exercise or fitness routine is cumbersome and this can be particularly difficult when we travel for work or for vacation.

Recently, I traveled to Italy for my birthday for 17 days and in anticipation of all the pasta, gelato and pizza I would be devouring unabashedly, I made a commitment to work out as often as possible while I was away. I have teamed up with Gordmans to show you how you can stay fit and in style while on the go!

Staying active on the go with Gordmans staying active in Italy

  1. Make the Commitment.

Having the mindset and intent to workout during your travels is definitely the first step to this approach. Mentally preparing yourself for the journey ahead and setting expectations creates a mindset that would motivate you to get up and move.

how to stay fit while you travel workout outfit

2. Gear Up

Personally, a good motivator for working out is the cute and comfortable workout clothes. Luckily, this is the fun part and thanks to Gordmans also the easiest. The goal is finding pieces that are stylish, comfortable, breathable and supportive. Gordmans carries a wide array of work out clothes and gear that are of high quality and can be found at hugely discounted prices. Think anything from sports bra to yoga pants and water bottles.  These pieces are from your favorite athletic brands and can be scored at Gordmans for only a small fraction of the price. I purchased three sets of workout outfits, all for under $70.

Gearing up is so important because this eliminates a very common excuse people use for not working out. “Oh, I don’t have any workout clothes”. Honestly, this is my personal favorite.

3. Make a Plan.

This really means structure your workouts to fit the nature of your trip. You don’t want your workout to feel like an inconvenience but something you are doing to make you feel and look good. If you are on a work trip and are most likely to come back to your hotel exhausted, try working out in the morning. If you are on vacation and you look watching the sunset on the beach, try running on the beach right before sunset.

4. Have Fun

Remember there are multiple ways you can workout. You don’t necessarily have to be in a gym or lifting weights. Get creative with it, think running, taking laps in your hotel pool, biking, brisk walks, tennis, yoga etc. Make your exercise fit naturally into your daily routines and seize every opportunity to keep moving. In Italy, I underestimated how much walking I would be doing everyday. However, I took advantage of that and did lots of brisk walking and stair climbing thanks to all those amazing bell towers and Basilica domes.

I hope these tips help and encourage you to stay active while you travel. Thanks to Gordmans for sponsoring this post.

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