Wedding Guest in Red

Wedding Guest in Red

Red dresses for wedding season? Absolutely!

And at last, Spring is finally here! Is it just me or does everything feel better in warmer weather. I can’t explain what a wealth of positive difference warmer weather makes in my life. Now, on to the fun stuff, -wedding season!

Red is bold, attention grabbing and absolutely stunning. This is a color that some tend to shy away from because of the attention it tends to generate. However, even if you love a good red look, you might still shy away from wearing this magnetic shade to occasions like a wedding. Not to worry, you can wear a red dress to a wedding. Just opt for simpler pieces with classic or fluid silhouettes and with a hint of a special (not overdone) detail, like the red dress in this post.

I had the pleasure of attending my dear friend’s wedding tasting yesterday and now all I can think of is “what am I wearing to his wedding”. Isn’t this the perfect sort of first world problem? I am honestly thinking about wearing this AMAZING Keepsake red dress from Fashion Bunker all wedding season. It is no secret that I am OBSESSED with anything red and this red dress just makes the perfect look to wear to a wedding. Simply bold, yet elegant and interesting, this is how you wear a red dress to a wedding. The detailing on the sleeves and lower skirt elevate and adds an element of drama to the look! It is eye-catching, but not in a way that draws too much attention from the bride(s) or groom(s).

And the cherry on top, these Shoe dazzle heels make the most perfect pairing!

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Dress c/o Fashion Bunker || Shoes c/o Shoe Dazzle || Purse (sold out) || Sunglasses : Quay


Here are some other red dresses that are perfect for a Spring/ Summer wedding! Happy shopping!

Photography || Julie Kennedy

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