Hello from sunny Mexico!

One of the most stressful parts of planning for a trip or vacation is actually packing for the trip. We want the process to be fun but we can’t help but worry about packing too little vs overpacking; or having too little space in our chosen luggage.

Since I started using Samsonite, all my packing worries are over! They equal parts stylish and durable. I am most excited about the new Samsonite ECO-Nu luggage which is a blogger’s luggage dream. As a content creator/ fashion aficionado, I tend to over-pack for my potshots or events, and this was the case for my recent trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico last week. I packed two -three weeks worth of clothing for only five days of travel. Yet, it all fit in my Samsonite ECO-Nu 25″ Expandable Spinner. As I nervously checked in my luggage at the airport, it only weighed 46lbs out of the 50lbs I was allowed! Incredible!

Here are other reasons to absolutely LOVE the Samsonite ECO-Nu

The fabric and lining and is entirely made out of recycled plastic bottles.

It has a smart top storage which is inconspicuous but perfect for storing smaller items during your travel or security checks!

It is entirely light weight, expandable and very easy to handle.

It glides so effortlessly thanks to the new Saguaro wheel system!

It comes in five different  sizes and three different colors ( my absolute fave is the Pacific blue, pictured here).


When you get to travel to someplace as beautiful as Mexico and you experience some of nature at its finest; the deep blue ocean & the gorgeous greenery. It reminds you of why we have to be kind to our planet, our gorgeous home. That is why I personally love Samsonite’s ECO-Nu’s mission of protecting the planet by recycling used bottles to create something we use to experience the world (or travel in it).


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