Elevated Basics : Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt

Every great wardrobe should have the fundamental basics that are timeless and versatile. That is why I am thrilled to be teaming up with Polo Ralph Lauren in sharing my favorite staples that should be in every fashion lover’s closet regardless of your sartorial choices. Here’s why.

In the world of ever evolving trends, we tend to gravitate towards bold pieces that make a statement when curating the perfect stylish wardrobe. However, investing in some basics are just as important and eventually give you major bang for your buck. These are the items you would find yourself wearing over and over again because they never go out of style. One piece I am absolutely loving this season is the Polo Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. This piece (and my new favorite item) is quintessentially timeless, versatile and classic. It is a great investment piece that you can wear all year round; with cut-offs in the summer or layered under a sweater in the Winter months.

This Spring, I am pairing it with my favorite white jeans from Polo Ralph Lauren, for a classic chic look. I love the idea of an all white look in the Spring, so pairing a white Polo shirt with a pair of white jeans is an absolute no-brainer.

Every stylist or fashion savant knows a blazer is the easiest way to elevate a casual look. A well tailored blazer like this gorgeous piece from Polo Ralph Lauren instantly adds some polish and refined sophistication to an otherwise simple look. If you don’t already, think about adding these timeless classics to your stylish closet!

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Thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren for partnering on this post.



Photography || Jules Kennedy