Valentine’s Day Style

I’ll be honest, I am not huge on Valentine’s day at all! I am also not huge on anything cheesy so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. And this is not because I am still single and sexy as hell (lol), it is because I get weird about mushy stuff (she says like a 5 yr old). However, I get the appeal of having a day for over the top romantic gestures, and showing the special person in your life how much you mean to them. I also understand wanting to dress and look sexy as hell when you have a Valentine’s date.

Nevertheless, there are so many kinds of love to celebrate today; love of oneself, love between friends, love for one’s family and just the ability to show some love and kindness to a complete stranger. So if you aren’t celebrating the “perfect” Hallmark card kinda of love today, or the insanely gorgeous and perfectly pixelated  Instagram bae-love, there are so many other ways to feel the love.

For the purposes of this post and all you gorgeous humans that love Valentines day, this post is for you. If you had a hot date for valentine’s day, I think I would wear something that shows my personality and hopefully a reminder of why the person in your life loves you to bits. If you have that in mind when picking your outfit, you would be dressing for yourself and also for him (bonus). Except if he hates your style then one of you is straight outta luck. Perhaps, remind him he can get it off later, that’s a thought?

Personally, a perfect look for me would mean a sexy bold outfit, with a hint femininity.  So I have styled 3 looks around 3-4 items from Charlotte Russe that are perfect for a hot date.

My favorite has to be the lacy OTK boots and the embroidered blazer!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers!

Floral embroidered blazer, Valentine's day

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 Dress || Blazer || Faux Fur Coat || Boots all c/o Charlotte Russe

Bag c/o Shein