David Yurman with Silver Sensations, Cranberry Tantrums, Holiday Style

David Yurman Silver Sensations, Cranberry Tantrums, Jennifer Ibe, Red dress and Silver accents

Wow, I can’t believe we are talking about the holidays and thinking about gifts for our loved ones. Where did the year go?  There is so much I have to be thankful for this year, so I am diving into the holiday spirit wholeheartedly with lots of gratitude in my heart.

The holidays can come with a lot of pressure sometimes. Trying to buy the perfect gift for that special someone or trying to make the perfect dinner before finally settling on the couch for some family time and lots of love around the room. That comes with the territory!

However, I also look forward to the chance to get all dressed up for that fancy soiree or holiday gala. The kind that calls for some glitz and glamour and some of your favorite jewels. The sort of jewelry that calls for a lot of hand gestures and hair-touching because …ummm that bracelet just has to be seen. The kind of gorgeous jewelry that makes that friend that never drinks hold a glass of bubbly as she makes her way across the room. Only because she has on her amazing David Yurman Renaissance Bracelets and  matching Chatelaine Pave Bezel Ring (guilty)! During the holidays,  I absolutely love just hanging around a gorgeous Christmas tree with your best girls. Or “accidently” standing under the mistletoe with that hottie you sometimes get nervous around but like to blame that feeling  on the bubbly you never touched!  Sigh, I definitely watch too many lifetime holiday movies!

All of my favorite jewelry hold a sentimental value or memory when it was given to me by someone special. Or a keepsake I get for myself to remember a place or commemorate a milestone! The holidays always feel like a perfect time to make more memories!

I love a healthy dose of sparkle around this time of the year, and I hope you do too because I am sharing some of my favorite pieces from the David Yurman Silver & Diamonds Gift Shop! Honestly, I had a hard time choosing because David Yurman has such a wide variety of gorgeous jewelry like their Iconic Bracelets, the Gold Standard and the colorful gemstones, if you absolutely love to add some colorful hues to your wardrobe. I think they are the perfect compliment for that gorgeous dress hanging in your closet just waiting to be seen!  The best way to make a statement is to layer them on! David Yurman bracelets are definitely meant to be layered. For outfits with a low flirty necklace like mine, a necklace with a bold pendant adds a little classy sauciness to your look!

Here’s a tip, these make the perfect holiday gifts! If you want one for yourself, feel free to send hints to the special person in your life by sharing this post with them, I’m sure they will get the hint!

Have an enchanting holiday!


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