Le Smoking

Lavish Alice black Suit, Jennifer Ibe, Cranberry TanturmsFrench style, red beret How to dress like a French Girl. Le Smoking

A structured suit or my fave, a tuxedo {à la Le Smoking} is without a doubt the embodiment of refined styled and daring sex appeal!

Let’s talk a walk down the history of Fashion. Somewhere in the mid 1960s, french designer Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized woman’s fashion by creating the tuxedo for women. Essentially, a good ole structured tuxedo with softer lines made for the natural curves of women. It was dubbed Le Smoking!  And man, do I love him for that! He was a man after my own heart. Naturally, it was controversial at the time and even the fashion guru’s weren’t a fan at first. However, it is so trendy and perfect for today’s era filled with  strong women fighting for equality in all aspects of life. Fashion is simply a way to channel and express ourselves, and I think I feel most confident and powerful in a look like this one.

If you have followed me for a while, you know I do love my tuxedos and power suits. So much, I might get carried away and wear one to my wedding (if that ever happens lol). This updated version of the tuxedo is so refreshing because of the ruffle details in the sleeves and bottoms; channelling very strong powerful vibes but softened by the feminine details. It literally embodies my motto that women can be strong and powerful and totally woman. This piece from Lavish Alice is just simply perfect! In the spirit of channelling some french girl vibes, a beret is always a great idea! Trust me, it’s the easiest way to exude those classy french vibes. Naturally, in usual fashion red lips and red accents complete this look!

Totally Le Smoking, Oui?


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Blazer and Pants c/o Lavish Alice

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