Pearls and Studs

“Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self”

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Photography || Jules Kennedy
I have to admit, I am proud of the recent overture of the generic old standards of beauty, sexiness and personal style. Women were made to be different and beautiful in their own way; and for many years the media  and magazine covers have shaped our views of what beautiful is. Those women that have pervaded the covers of magazines like Vogue, Playboy are undoubtedly gorgeous, however there are other women with a different kind of look that are equally beautiful. In present day,  especially in our political climate it is more important than ever to embrace diversity in fashion, runway and beauty.

The need for representation of different ethnicities, skin color, shapes and sizes is so crucial in improving the confidence and “sense of self” of future generations and of young women. I personally also want to see this diversity trickle down in the world of blogging, especially in fashion and beauty. Although, predominantly women and whilst there might be the presence of some ethnic diversity  due to self empowerment and attempts at entrpreneurship by bloggers. The question is, how many of these minority bloggers will stay the course; how many of them will get the jobs or that major campaign; what look are brands going for? If you don’t believe me, reexamine your instagram feed, what do those bloggers look like? Which type of bloggers are you most likely to follow? Instagram’s algorithm certainly doesn’t help, especially when it generates similar posts that it thinks you might like. Needless to say, there is so much work to be done in increasing diversity in blogging, fashion and runway. Okay, let’s get real, there is a need for diversity in every space, but that discussion is another blog post.

On a different note, today’s look embraces the idea of pushing the limits of fashion and explores with the sense of personal style. I have a persona that embraces the classy, strong and confident modern woman, aka, the badass babe. This clearly can be defined in different ways and I love to use fashion and personal style to express that especially on my blog. While most will shy away from mixing metals or embellishments, I embraced mixing pearls and studs in this look. The goal, pushing boundaries for an almost high fashion look. Here’s a tip if you want to try this look, stick to a similar color palette of pieces. It keeps the look pulled together and lets the embellishments take center stage without looking overdone.

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Pants || Jacket || Heels {similar below}

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