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Happy New Year, Loves!
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Photography || Danielle Heinson
Can you believe the first week of January is over. Just like that! On that note, Happy New Year!
Pardon my lateness on this much overdue post. As you know life happens.
Unfortunately I started the New Year with very sad news, my grandmother passed on the 1st of the year.  She was 91, she lived a very good life so I find solace in that fact.
Despite the sadness of the start of the year, I still look forward to positive news and new experiences in 2017. I take with me the knowledge that life is so short and we need to find goodness and positivity around us. To learn from mistakes, but not be so afraid of making mistakes that we forget to live at all. That is my personal Achilles hill. I wish you overcome your fears this year and live out your dreams to the fullest.
On a much lighter note, as this is a fashion blog after all, let’s talk outfit details.
Incorporating multiple pieces of a fashion trend in one look can often appear overdone. But pushing boundaries can be fun and exciting, plus the results can be unexpectedly delightful. Today’s post is a perfect example.
 Embroidery is one of this Fall/ Winter’s favorite trend and it adds an extra pizzazz to any piece. So when you go shopping and see different embroidered pieces that match perfectly, what do you do? You get it, and wear it all together, duh! Lucky for me, it turned out amazing (if I might say so, myself). 
So if you haven’t tried the trend yet, here’s your chance. You will still see this trend in the upcoming Spring and Winter months, so snag a pair. 
Happy New Year, Loves!
Blazer ::  {love this one} || Jeans :: Similar || Bag || Pumps 
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