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“Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back”- PubliliIus  Syrus

Photography|| Melissa Ferrara

Exuding major tough girl vibes in another military inspired number. An army green bomber jacket paired with a front buttoned skirt with side pockets. Your typical details found on a pair of badass army pants. A tank top with lace details to soften the look.

True story, growing up I found myself watching all the badass action  movies with my brothers from Robocop, to Terminator to G.I Jane. Clearly, I favored all the movies with a strong female character as the hero. While girls were playing house, I was daydreaming about being some badass hero saving lives, kicking major ass and executing justice. Needless to say, my reveries couldn’t be more different from my real life. Except, perhaps the “help save lifes” bit as a nurse, and the only time I kick ass is metaphorically with unfiltered words during an argument.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself for me to channel that tough girl side, I embrace it. The independent, strong, resilient, take-no prisoners persona that I dreamed of having as a girl. In some ways, I am that woman in more realistic ways. Not G.I Jane or Evelyn Salt, but what is style, other than a beautiful form of self expression


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