La Vie est Belle

  “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous”- Coco Chanel


Photography || Melissa Ferrara

It was simply love at first sight for each piece of this chic look. Especially for the most recent purchased piece, a budget friendly Chanel inspired skirt with it’s signature front pockets (typically on Chanel jackets} lined with fringe trimmings. Paired with a sheer and lacy top, a chic ensemble is created with deliberate emphasis on black and white shades.

Keeping accessories to a minimum, the interesting unexpected details of each piece take center stage. Details like the fringe trimmings lining the hem and pockets of the skirt, or the intricate lacy section on the sleeves of the blouse, as well as the boulce details on the bag. The overall look pays ode to simple Parisian sartorial choices.

In a nutshell, a refined simple chic look that’s anything but boring.


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