Jumpsuit Edge

“Outta the way world, I’ve got my sassy pants on today”

 Photography|| Melissa Ferrara

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of jumpsuits, so much that each time I visit on online store, I peruse the jumpsuit section first. It is a sad fact that I have way too many than is healthy for any human, sue me. I can drone on about how chic and polished they are, or about their versatility. So versatile, that they are easily found in a great variety of different fabrics, textures and cuts that make them super easy to wear to any occasion. From casual denim overalls, to tailored silhouettes that scream holy chicness. Most importantly, my favorites, flirty styles sporting skin-baring laser cut-outs or sexy lace-ups details that show off a healthy dose of delicious skin.

Truth be told, albeit all the aforementioned awesomeness of the mighty jumpsuit, the main reason I keep returning to this addiction of sorts-It is so damn easy! I can be one damn lazy girl (I should say “woman” but that makes me feel old, #late20’issues). Jumpsuits are my one-stop shop for fast and easy styling. Literally better than a dress in my opinion, once you get over the fact that you literally have to get naked each time you have to pee. Minor Technicalities!

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