Green Tie Ball XXIV

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”- Audrey Hepburn

You have to admit there is something quite compelling about a beautiful backdrop or a breath-taking scenery. The kind that lures you to stop and enjoy your surroundings, coaxes you into getting your DSLR camera or phone to capture the moment. And not to forget, take a quick selfie to share with the cyber-world.
As a fashion blogger I am all about aesthetics,  my photography isn’t just about the outfit but also about the memorable backdrops.  Luckily, I live in beautiful Chicago, a concrete jungle softened by lush greens and stunning landscapes that makes every moment as memorable as the next.
Do you ever stop and wonder how the beautiful landscaping in Chicago happens? Magic! (my fave response for everything!) Well, that and Chicago Gateway Green plays a huge part in making that happen. This Saturday, October 10, we all get the opportunity to play a small part as well, simply by getting out that beautiful dress (or suit) you have been dying to wear and stopping by Studio 54 for the Green Tie Ball XXIV.
If you are dying of excitement right now, the feeling is mutual. Get your tickets (before they sell out) and join me and some of your favorite Chicagoans, bloggers and local celebrities for a magical night. And let’s have a ball!
Hope to see you soon. But for now, here is an outfit idea,  a little number sure to turn heads!
xo Jenn

photography|| Melissa Ferrara
Pumps|| Similar
Clutch|| Moschino