Lengthy Strides :: Lacy Pastel

“Stride forward with a firm steady step knowing with a deep, certain inner knowing that you will reach every goal you set yourselves, that you will achieve every aim” ~Eileen Caddy.


Photography || Melissa Ferrara

Leaving you all with one of my biggest yet simple secrets for looking taller- long pants. In this particular case, one of my closet’s biggest artillery a  black jumpsuit. However, either a pair of pants or jumpsuit would suffice as long as you follow these tips.

  Cleverly styling a jumpsuit or pants to give the illusion of lengthy chops is easier than you would imagine. The trick is picking a length that barely grazes the ground while wearing  your favorite tall heels. I prefer a structured yet loose silhouette that accommodates movement and deftly cover most of the shoes. This is probably the only time I allow myself to hide my shoes, I want everyone to think it’s all leg! For extra measure, wear a crop top that hits above the hips, instantly your legs appear to start where the crop top leaves off!
Legs for days!

Jumpsuit:: Similar
Top:: Old
Clutch:: Aldo
Heels:: Shoe Dazzle