Stripes on Stripes

 Fun Fact! Do you know that once upon a time before stripes became chic, only Zebras, prisoners, prostitutes and clowns wore stripes? Thankfully I’m none of the above, however some of my friends may make an argument for the clown part and I wouldn’t particularly hate looking like a fierce zebra.

For many decades many style icons like Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn and even Coco Chanel have favored this trend at some point in time. This  trend effortlessly crosses over into men’s fashion and may actually be worn more by men to a certain degree. Just think about corporate world and their fashion sense.

 Back to the ladies!  Regardless of your sartorial choices, this is a perfect trend to try this summer with its endless possibilities. Create a nautical chic vibe with an off the shoulder top paired with palazzo pants or just sailor chic babe with a striped one piece swim-suit and high waisted shorts for a boat cruise.
For this look, I am wearing a striped dress in a gorgeous shade of blue and black for a polished chic vibe perfect for any event. My favorite way to wear stripes is with more stripes, that is, horizontal stripes with vertical stripes. This dress is effortless vertical and horizontal striped perfection. Adding more striped/ linear elements with the caged heels and spiked necklace plays up the look!

 Photography|| Melissa Ferrara

Dress:: Topshop || Similar

Heels:: Similar

Clutch:: H&M