Jumpsuit + Florals

“Have Patience with all things, but first of all with yourself”
– Saint Francis Des Sales

I am wholeheartedly in love with Fashion. But like every relationship sometimes you just need a break.Days such as today when I don’t want to talk about the joys of a perfectly tailored blazer or the excitement I get when I find a jumpsuit that has some exceptional detailing. Instead I would talk about patience. Perhaps, this resonates with you.

Often times we are fervently plagued by the scary conundrum of purpose and goals. We question our paths and our choices. We measure ourselves against our past selves and the ideal self we aim to achieve. It is scarier when we don’t know what that future self is anymore. Sometimes these thoughts are accompanied by self doubt and frustration. Frustration and self chastisement that leaves us feeling unaccomplished and like utter failures. Sometimes we experience complete dissatisfaction and feeling like we’ve lost our way.

However if we are lucky, we happen upon that moment of clarity. Personally my moments of clarity  come when I am taking care of someone at work (as a nurse). A mum, daughter or husband fighting for their lives, hoping for a moment of peace, for one hour of reprieve from excruciating pain that often accompanies their ailment. For others, it could be experiencing the loss of a loved one, or seeing someone else experiencing loss or poverty.
If we are lucky, we gain perspective  and realize that we have to be patient with ourselves. Things could be worse. We remember we have come a long way from where we started. That it is okay to be uncertain. Some of us get it perfectly the first time, others would stumble and fall.
But the beauty of life is that we are resilient creatures.
Be patient. Be patient and be kind to yourself. Trust your instincts, eventually we would find our bliss. Every experience we open ourselves to gets us closer to figuring out what we want or what we do not want. But be patient.

Have a great week!

Photography|| Melissa Ferrara

Jumpsuit:: JCPenney
Pumps (old):: Similar 
Bag:: Old