Skater skirts and OTKs

“When Life gives you Lemons, make lemonade”

Chicago has turned off the charm, and is reverting its old indecisive ways. It gets gloriously hot, then cold; bone chilling cold like a vacillating date in a new rocky relationship. Behavior that makes me think too frequently of a certain Katy Perry song. I may have to end this bad relationship and just move to the West Coast. Except, if this were a real relationship, like most guys served with an ultimatum, he might very well say “take a hike” followed by a happy jig for his new found freedom. 
 It is almost the end of May, and we all just want to get in our bikinis and stretch out on the beach.
But here I am, dusting off my over-the-knee boots (OTKs) and taking them for another ride. What can I say, when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade. Wearing these OTKs was probably one of the highlights of Fall and Winter fashion for me, so it was fun to wear them again. They are a great statement piece that adds an edge to any ensemble, not to mention, some much needed warmth.
Today, I am clad in a long line shirt which, ironically I wore to the beach, over a bikini and with some sandals!- only a week ago! Turns out, I am not a fan of over flowy pieces on a very cold windy day, since they almost act like propellers and I found myself fearing I would get “blown away” or find myself “gone with the wind”. Ok, no more puns! However, I cinced the bottom of the shirt at the back, creating a more defined look. Paired with a skater skirt and a simple quilted crossbody bag, it is an easy and playful transitional ensemble.
 Is it just me or does it feel odd to still be talking about transitional pieces in May! Go figure!
Have a great week!

Photography|| Melissa Ferrara
The Look
Top|| H&M
Skirt|| Forever 21
OTK boots|| Sam Edelman (similar)

Purse|| old (similar)