JCPenney Muse Campaign

It all started with a hashtag on Instagram, a Direct message (DM) from JCPenney on Twitter, and finally an astounding phone call. Next thing I know, I am on plane ride to New York City to shoot a campaign for JCPenney with four other brilliant bloggers.

The JCPenney Muse Campaign was centered around the beautiful idea of having five real women who were real JCPenney shoppers to be the inspiration for the JCPenney Spring Lookbook. I was so honored to be one of those lucky women, honored to be a JCPenney Muse.

JCPenney pulled all the stops. A perfect synopsis of this experience would be:

“5 incredible (bloggers), 4 looks, 3 days of shooting, 2 first trips to New York, 1 unforgettable experience” ~@tamaraldelvalle

 To say we were treated with great kindness is nothing but an understatement. Treated like a VIP, I was dreading returning back home to reality, so I soaked in the experience like a thirsty child. With intense fascination I watched behind the scenes, at how a real photoshoot comes to life. Shot in Milk Studios, with props, hair and makeup crew, it was fast paced, yet very laid back.  I was surprised at how much work goes into putting together a production. May I add, there were tons of food and I love to eat. It was pure bliss!

Wardrobe included a host of different pre-selected outfit options, however the bloggers got to work with the stylists to style their preferred outfits according to their personal style. Needless to say, this was a truly wonderful experience and I would forever be grateful to JCPenney for the opportunity! Now, don’t forget to join in the fun!

~~~~~~~MEET JENN, JCPMUSE~~~~~~~



~~~~~~~~~~BEHIND THE SCENES~~~~~~~~~~

Photo c/o themodaintersection

~~~~~~~~~~THE JCPENNEY MUSES~~~~~~~~~~

From left to right- Nailah (the modaintersection), Carlis (SpicyCandyDC), ME, Kim (thehautemamas), Mary (Curlybyrdiechips)

It was truly an honor to meet and spend time with these ladies. They have such inspiring stories that speak volumes on the kind of women they are. I would forever cherish those moments of real connection between myself and some of these beautiful ladies.


Lucky to have met these stellar set of people. Special thanks to each and everyone of you!

Photography c/o JCPenney
Photography || Tom Corbett

Thanks so much for reading!