There is something quite enigmatic about a lady in a power-suit with a feminine flair.

Gone are the days when women had to dress like men at the work place in order to be taken seriously and thought capable to compete with “the boys”. Don’t get me wrong, I am fairly certain male chauvinists still pervade the work place. But I think , we are at a point in time when women play by their own rules.

Take fictional characters like Olivia Pope, who know how to take charge and play with the “big guns” and most importantly, real l ife powerhouse, Michelle Obama. They dress with a classy fashion forward feminine flair, that makes no apologies for being a woman. Women, smart women, professional women are coming to embrace the idea that showing interest in fashion does not dispute the fact that they  have a brain, are intellectual or want a career. Can you tell I feel so strongly about this? (insert laughing emoji here)
So long to the restrictions of loose ill-fitted pant suits worn to fit in with the boys, and hello to flattering silhouettes and hem lines that celebrate our individuality as women.
Just remember to keep it classy!

Before I go off on a tangent about “girl power” (too late), lets talk about this look.
 Wearing a matching two piece from Express, and with very subtle changes I style this look three ways; work-ready, for running about town and ready for a night out .
For Work: Top with a tailored blazer for meetings with clients, business associates or with the boss.

Lunch hour: Behind your cubicle, in your office or out for lunch or errands, feel free to loose the jacket and opt for a simple pop of color with a tank underneath the vest because there is a thing called “too much cleavage”- you still need to look professional if your boss pops into your office for some “important” reason.

After hours: If you happen to be meeting your date or getting some drinks after work and have no time to change. Loose the jacket and tank, it is okay to show a TASTEFUL hint of cleavage. A safety pin always comes in handy for me.

Photography|| The ModaIntersection
   The Look
   Vest :: Express
    Pants :: Express
    Bag :: Michael Kors
Jacket :: Forever 21
Heels :: Shoe Dazzle
Sunnies :: Betsey Johnson

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