Tough Girl::: Leather on Leather

  Starting this Tuesday morning with a whole lot of (faux) Leather.
 I fell in love with leather for the first time when I watched the movie “Greese”. I believe I also started having a thing for hot boys in leather jackets at that same exact moment, thanks John Travolta. 
So when Winter spins around for it’s yearly cycle of slow bitter-sweet torture, I pull out the leather artillery and prep for combat. This look is a little different from my usual but I went all the way with it. Geared up from head to toe leather with a drizzle of studs and spikes, I channel the tough girl look as that Icons like Rihanna pull off so effortlessly (remember her good girl, gone bad days?).

Would you wear leather on leather?

 Photography|| Melissa Ferrara

Leather Dress:: Asos
Jacket:: Love culture|| here|| Similar


Pumps:: Aldo