Independence in Structure: Red, White and Blue

Hey Guys!
          It’s the 4th of July and I cannot help but think about “Independence”- this great Country’s Independence and especially our own personal Independence. To most, this may mean a whole lot of different things depending on one’s life journey. When I was a kid, it meant taking walks by myself. As a teenager, picking out my own outfits.
This magic word means even more to me now than ever- Reaching my goals and being truly free. Today, my wish for us all is to find that ultimate happiness, whatever that might be and to be truly free.

      About the look

     Using structure and statement pieces, I Incorporated “red, white and blue” to create a classy chic look appropriate for the festivities but without looking like a costume.

pics by @fab_lane21
                              Again Happy 4th of July!
My Look
Skirt|| Asos
Sateen Blazer(old) || similar
Shoes|| similar 
Bracelet|| Cache-sold out
Earrings|| Asos
Purse|| DSW
                                          Thanks for Visiting!

                                                    Love Jenn!

                                    “Embrace yourself, flaws and all”