Spring Awakening

  Hey Guys,
       I am very excited to be posting today especially since it has been almost three months since my impromptu hiatus from the blogosphere. What can I say, I live in Michigan, and it has positively been the worst winter I have ever experienced. The thought of taking pictures outdoors in this frigid and temperamental weather always sent chills down my spine. So I would say among other personal reasons, my absence has been partly due to an extreme lack of motivation, accompanied by my unproven and nonfactual instinct as a African to hibernate during the winter months LOL.
      Although I made no blog posts, I always followed the trends. With Spring around the corner, I’m going to skip winter completely to highlight some spring trends you should be trying. And yes, I’m back!
Today, I am clad in almost matching striped suit, giving a feminine edge to mens-wear. I’ll probably be shooting indoors for a while, as there are 4 inches of snow outside right now and counting.


     Photography: B&B

My Look
Striped Blazer|| H&M
Forever 21 Pants|| Similar H&M
Pumps|| Shoe Dazzle
Bralette|| Bebe
Necklace|| similar
Purse|| Target

                                                               Thanks for stopping by.
                                                                     Love, Jenn