Shop your Closet: Casual Jeans and Blazer

    Confession: I love to shop a lot! Most of us do.
    Fact: Most of the time we don’t have to- even in those I don’t have anything to wear moments.
    True or False: We already own the essentials for a great outfit (true, look in your closet, if you already shop so much, umm yes, you do).
    Trick: Timeouts. 

        “I give myself shopping time outs and get a challenge to create new outfits with what’s already in my closet. Half the time, I still have the tags on some of my clothes”

              Trends are wonderful and I like to stay on top of trends but no one needs a new dress every time they have coffee with the girls or go see a movie. Come on! So I shop my closet. In the process, I rediscover my favorite pieces.

  • This is more effective with an organized closet. It gives you a better view of whats in it.
  • Go for the basics and the classics- mix them up.
  • For example: The blazer- always a classic. A great pair of Jeans- almost everyone owns a pair. Add your personality with your favorite accessories and a great pair of heels, I’m sure you can’t go wrong!

     So here’s your challenge!
                                                            Submitted to IFB’s Blazer of Glory

                            Thanks for reading
                              Love Jenn!