Lace and leather

Hey guys,
              Just a quick hello since I’ve been m.i.a! Been busy with work and school (you know, the boring stuff).
The shoes I’m wearing were gotten almost three years ago and I finally got to wear them for the first time. Bet some of you can relate, you buy something just because it’s cute, and will probably never get to wear it?!

   My favorite things about the top I’m  wearing are the lace and leather details, especially the leather collar. This is one of the Prabal Gurung pieces you might still be able to get in stores, if you are lucky.

Pics by Brian

                                                                                          My Look
                                                                 Prabal Gurung for Target Blouse::: here
                                                                 Cache purse:: “borrowed from the sis” here
                                             Forever21 skirt:::(from last summer) cute one here ;and this one
                                                                 Clear Bracelet::: H&M

                                                                     Thanks for reading!
                                                                     Happy friday!!