Rogue d’amour

Hey guys,
      I used my favorite colors for yesterday’s outfit. Red and Burgundy! I adore the jacket I’m wearing.
This is one day post snow storm, then the sun surprised us–YAY! Unfortunately, New York is still getting the worst of it. Hopefully, they get some relief soon.

Pics by “B”

                                                                         Zipper Jacket – here
                                                                         Love culture Top- here
                                                                         Bisou Bisou Coated Jeans- here
                                                                         Charlotte Russe Necklace- here
                                                                         Boots (old)
                                                                         Relic Wristwatch(old)- here
                                                                         Bakers Purse (sold out) 
                                   Thanks for reading! happy sunday mon amour!