Green State

   "Fall layers, Militaristic pieces and tough girl vibes"

 Photography || Rachael Bires
Top || Jacket || Skirt || Boots (old) || Sunnies || Bag

Fall is positively the best season for perfecting your layering skills. When cleverly implemented, outfits suddenly look chicer and more creative. My love for the militaristic trend holds no bounds, so naturally I end to experiment with these fashion forward pieces. Incorporating clean lines, deep tones and the little nuances that denote military style gets me excited. Epaulettes, gold buttons, buckles and shades of green, blue and black are common features in a military-style piece. However, as always my goal is to create a look that is both chic yet edgy; tough yet sexy.

Here are some tips:: Always start with at least one edgy piece and plan the entire outfit around it, preferably with neutral shades or in a monochromatic palette like this head to toe olive green look. For a sexier look, amplify some sensuality with a leg baring piece like this skirt or with a form fitting silhouette. Most importantly, bring your attitude and tough girl vibes.

Thanks for reading.