Not so Casual::: Grey Jeans + Sweater

A  perfect way to amp up a casual look!
Casual looks for most people typically involve jeans and a tee or in this case, a sweater. This is not exactly my cup of tea but when I revert to this look, I try to make the ensemble more interesting than dull. For a polished and chic appearance, adding a few extra elements can go an extra mile.
A statement necklace and a classic chic bag makes this look almost dressy and perfect for work (depending on where you work). If it is ever appropriate to wear jeans for a business meeting or to work, this is a perfect way to style it. Add a blazer and you are golden.
 This look is also perfect for a date night, movie night or even drinks with the girls.

Hope you have a happy Monday!

Photography|| Melissa Ferrara

The Look

Sweater|| H&M

Jeans|| H&M

Heels|| Similar

Bag|| H&M

Necklace|| T&J

Thanks so much for reading!